CanSat Competition

Bristol SEDS started off the new academic year with the University of Bristol’s first ever CanSat competition!

The primary objective for the five teams competing was to log the temperature and pressure data during the CanSat’s descent using the qbcan kits provided, and transmit it to a ground station over radio and present the altitude/time and temperature/altitude graphs. The teams were free to choose the secondary payload and there was a variety of ideas: from a camera to an onboard wind turbine. Despite a tight schedule – the teams had only one week to build their CanSats – everybody managed to achieve great results.

The event was organized with help from the University’s Aerospace Engineering Department and the Avionics Group.

Data Collected

The teams presented plots of the data collected from their BMP180 temperature and pressure sensor. The altitude was calculated from the pressure values.

Competition Results

1st place: Jason DonnerCan

2nd place: Can Pellegrino

3rd place: Yes we Fan

4th place: CRAM Sat

5th place: A-Team