Does Glossier Deliver to Alaska?

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Glossier is a popular beauty and skincare brand known for its minimalist aesthetic and quality products. The brand has gained a significant following across the United States, but one question frequently arises for individuals residing in Alaska – does Glossier deliver to this remote state? In this article, we will examine whether Glossier offers its services to Alaska and explore any potential limitations or considerations that customers in this region may need to be aware of.

Glossier’s Shipping Policy

To determine whether Glossier delivers to Alaska, it is essential to review the company’s shipping policy. Glossier ships its products within the United States, including Alaska. This means that Alaskan residents can enjoy the convenience of shopping Glossier’s offerings without any limitations.

Delivery Time and Fees

While Glossier does deliver to Alaska, it is crucial to consider the potential impact on delivery time and fees due to the state’s remote location. Alaska, being part of the not contiguous states, may experience longer shipping times compared to more centralized locations within the United States. The shipping fees for Alaskan customers are the same as those for any other state, with Glossier offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount. However, Alaska’s remote location might lead to additional handling or customs fees that customers should be aware of.

Ordering Process for Alaskan Customers

Alaskan customers can order Glossier products through the brand’s website, just like any other customer. The process involves adding desired items to the cart, providing shipping details, and selecting the preferred payment method. While there are no specific limitations on the ordering process due to Alaska’s location, customers should closely monitor their orders and contact Glossier’s customer service if any issues or delays occur.

Tips for Alaskan Customers

To ensure a smooth shopping experience, Alaska-based customers can follow several tips:

1. Keep an eye on delivery time: Due to Alaska’s geographical location, shipping times may vary. Keep this in mind when placing orders and consider allowing for additional delivery time.

2. Be mindful of customs or handling fees: Remote, overseas shipments can potentially incur additional customs or handling fees. Stay informed by researching any potential fees that may apply to orders being shipped to Alaska.

3. Stay updated: Glossier occasionally updates its shipping policies. Stay informed by regularly checking Glossier’s website or subscribing to their newsletter to receive the latest information regarding shipments to Alaska.

4. Reach out to customer service: If there are any concerns or questions regarding an order’s status, contacting Glossier’s customer service team can provide useful assistance and guidance.


Alaskan residents need not worry – Glossier does deliver its beauty and skincare products to this remote state. However, customers should be aware of potential delays in delivery times and the possibility of additional customs or handling fees due to Alaska’s geographical location. By keeping these factors in mind and following the provided tips, Alaskan customers can navigate their Glossier shopping experience smoothly.

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