Does Cost Plus Drugs Deliver to Australia?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Cost Plus Drugs store to Australia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Cost Plus Drugs store.

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Does Cost Plus Drugs Deliver to Australia


If you’re living in Australia and looking for affordable medication options, you may have come across Cost Plus Drugs. But does this online pharmacy deliver to Australia? In this article, we will explore the delivery options of Cost Plus Drugs and discuss whether they are a viable option for Australian residents.

Delivery to Australia

Cost Plus Drugs is an online pharmacy that offers a wide range of medications at cost-effective prices. They cater to customers worldwide, including those in Australia. When it comes to the delivery of their products, Cost Plus Drugs does indeed deliver to Australia. This makes it a convenient option for those looking for affordable medications in the country.

Shipping Options

Cost Plus Drugs provides different shipping options to cater to the needs of their customers. For customers in Australia, they offer standard shipping as well as express shipping. Standard shipping usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, while express shipping can take as little as 5 to 7 business days. The choice between these options depends on your individual urgency and budget constraints.

Cost of Delivery

The cost of delivery to Australia is based on the shipping option you choose and the weight of your order. It’s important to note that while the medications themselves are affordable, the delivery cost may vary. However, Cost Plus Drugs strives to keep their delivery charges as reasonable as possible. They aim to help customers save money on their medications while providing reliable shipping services.

Customs and Import Regulations

When ordering medications from an international online pharmacy like Cost Plus Drugs, it’s essential to consider customs and import regulations. Australian customs may have restrictions on certain medications or require additional documentation for the importation of controlled substances. It’s crucial to check the specific regulations concerning medication importation in Australia to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Quality and Legitimacy

One might wonder about the quality and legitimacy of medications purchased from an online pharmacy like Cost Plus Drugs. It is important to note that Cost Plus Drugs only sources their medications from reputable manufacturers and distributors. They prioritize customer safety and ensure that all supplied medications meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


In conclusion, Cost Plus Drugs does deliver to Australia, making it a viable option for those seeking affordable medications. They provide different shipping options and strive to keep their delivery charges reasonable. However, it is essential to be aware of customs and import regulations when ordering medications from abroad. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Cost Plus Drugs can be a reliable choice for Australian residents seeking affordable medication options.

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