Does Cider Deliver to Norway?

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Does Cider Deliver to Norway?


Cider, a popular alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples, has gained popularity all around the world. Norway, known for its stunning natural landscapes and thriving food and beverage scene, is no exception. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to this beautiful Scandinavian country, you might be wondering if cider can be easily delivered to your doorstep in Norway. In this article, we will explore the availability and delivery options of cider in Norway, providing you with information to quench your thirst for this refreshing drink.

Availability of Cider in Norway

Norway has seen a surge in the popularity of cider in recent years, with various brands and flavors now readily available in local stores, bars, and restaurants. From traditional apple cider to more exotic fruit flavors like pear and berry, there are options to suit every palate. Popular international cider brands such as Kopparberg, Strongbow, and Brothers Cider have also entered the Norwegian market, providing consumers with a wide range of choices.

To find cider in Norway, look no further than the well-stocked shelves of the Vinmonopolet, the state-owned chain of alcohol stores. Here, you will find a variety of cider options, both local and imported, conveniently marked with their alcohol content. Supermarkets and specialty beverage stores also carry a selection of ciders, making it easy to find your favorite brand or explore new flavors.

Delivery Options for Cider in Norway

If you prefer the convenience of having cider delivered to your doorstep, there are also delivery options available in Norway. Online platforms and mobile apps have made it easier than ever to have your favorite cider delivered to your home, office, or any desired location.

Several online retailers specialize in selling alcoholic beverages, including cider, and offer home delivery services across Norway. These platforms often have a wide selection, allowing you to browse different brands and flavors before making your purchase. Additionally, some local craft cider producers offer direct online sales and delivery, providing a unique opportunity to support small businesses while enjoying a quality product.

When ordering cider for delivery, it is important to remember that age verification is necessary upon delivery. As with any alcoholic beverage, the legal drinking age in Norway is 18 years, and delivery services will require identification to confirm age before handing over your order.


As the popularity of cider continues to grow, so does its availability in Norway. Whether you are craving a traditional apple cider or a unique fruity blend, you can easily find a variety of brands and flavors in local stores, bars, and restaurants. For the ultimate convenience, online platforms and mobile apps offer delivery options to your desired location, allowing you to enjoy your favorite cider without leaving the comfort of your home. Remember to drink responsibly and prepare your identification for age verification upon delivery. So, go ahead and raise a glass to the refreshing cider choices available in Norway!

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