Does Book Of The Month Deliver to Italy?

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Book Of The Month, a popular subscription service that offers a curated selection of books to its members, has garnered quite a following. With its convenient delivery system, readers in various countries around the world have been enjoying their monthly book fix. However, for avid readers residing in Italy, the burning question is, “Does Book Of The Month deliver to Italy?” In this article, we will explore whether Book Of The Month is available to bookworms in Italy and shed light on the possibilities and limitations for those who desire this literary service.

Understanding Book Of The Month’s Reach

Before delving into the specific availability of Book Of The Month in Italy, it is crucial to understand the general extent of its delivery options. Book Of The Month primarily caters to readers in the United States, where it has firmly established its presence. However, for international customers, the service does ship to select countries, providing an opportunity for global book enthusiasts to partake in the literary pleasure it offers.

Shipping to Italy

Fortunately for Italian readers, Book Of The Month does indeed deliver to Italy. However, it is important to note that this service is not available for all books offered by the subscription. Due to international publishing rights and agreements, there may be certain titles that are not eligible for shipping outside the United States. Nevertheless, Book Of The Month still ensures that Italian readers have access to a diverse and captivating selection of books, adding a touch of excitement and convenience to their reading experience.

Delivery Times and Additional Costs

When it comes to shipping to Italy, Book Of The Month makes every effort to deliver the selected book within a reasonable timeframe. However, it is important to be aware that international shipping can introduce some delays. Typically, it takes approximately 10-15 days for the books to arrive in Italy, with occasional variations depending on various factors such as customs clearance. For those anxious to get their hands on the latest book club pick or eager to discover a new author, it is advisable to keep this timeline in mind.

Regarding additional costs, Book Of The Month charges a modest fee for shipping books to Italy. However, this charge is often bundled with the monthly subscription fee, ensuring that the overall cost remains affordable and accessible to Italian readers who wish to indulge in the literary world.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Now that we know Book Of The Month delivers to Italy, it is essential to examine the customer experience and satisfaction. Reviews from Italian readers who have subscribed to this service have generally been positive. Many customers appreciate the convenience of having books delivered straight to their doorstep, eliminating the need to search through local bookstores. Additionally, the diverse selection of genres and the element of surprise that comes with the monthly book choices have proved to be particularly appealing to readers. Despite the occasional delay in delivery, customer satisfaction has remained high, further cementing the reputation of Book Of The Month as a reliable service for Italian book lovers.


In conclusion, Book Of The Month does deliver to Italy, providing avid readers in the country with an opportunity to benefit from this renowned literary service. Although there may be limitations on certain titles due to international publishing rights, the overall availability and convenience of Book Of The Month remain intact for Italian bookworms. With affordable shipping fees and positive customer experiences, this subscription service offers a delightful and engaging reading experience that surpasses geographical boundaries. So, if you’re in Italy and looking to expand your reading list, Book Of The Month might just be the perfect literary companion for you.

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