Does Amazon Prime Deliver to Guam?

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Amazon Prime is a widely popular membership program that offers a myriad of benefits to its subscribers, ranging from free two-day shipping to access to an extensive library of streaming content. However, if you reside in Guam, you may be wondering whether Amazon Prime is available and if it provides its full range of services to this remote US territory in the Western Pacific. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Amazon Prime delivers to Guam and shed light on the services and limitations that residents of this stunning island can expect.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver to Guam?

The short answer is yes – Amazon Prime is indeed available in Guam. However, it is important to note that the service may not offer the same range of benefits to Guam residents as it does to customers in the contiguous United States. While Guam is a US territory with a unique status, it is situated thousands of miles away from the American mainland, which introduces certain challenges in terms of logistics and shipping.

Amazon Prime Shipping to Guam

One of the primary perks of Amazon Prime is fast and free shipping on eligible items. However, residents of Guam should be aware that the two-day shipping guarantee may not apply to all products. Certain items may have longer shipping times due to the geographical distance. This is an important consideration to keep in mind, especially if time-sensitive purchases are a priority for you.

Product Eligibility

Another aspect to consider when it comes to Amazon Prime in Guam is the availability of certain products. While the majority of products sold on Amazon are eligible for shipping to Guam, there may be exceptions due to licensing agreements, import/export restrictions, or other factors. It is crucial to carefully review the product details and shipping information before making a purchase to ensure that shipping to Guam is possible.

Shipping Costs

While Amazon Prime offers free shipping within the contiguous United States, it is important to note that shipping to Guam may incur additional costs. Due to the logistical challenges involved in shipping products to this remote location, Amazon may charge shipping fees for some items. It is advisable to check the shipping fees at the checkout stage to avoid any surprises.

Other Amazon Prime Benefits in Guam

Although Guam residents may face certain limitations in terms of shipping and product availability, there are still numerous benefits that Amazon Prime offers to its members in this US territory. Guam customers can enjoy access to a vast library of streaming content, including movies, TV shows, and music, through Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music. Furthermore, Prime members in Guam can also take advantage of exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions available on the platform.


In summary, Amazon Prime does deliver to Guam, though with certain limitations. While the fast and free two-day shipping guarantee may not always apply to residents of Guam due to the geographical distance, Amazon Prime still offers a range of advantages to subscribers on the island. Members can enjoy access to a wide range of streaming content, special deals, discounts, and promotions. However, it is crucial to carefully review product eligibility, shipping costs, and estimated delivery times when placing orders to Guam. Overall, Amazon Prime remains an attractive option for residents of Guam who are looking to benefit from the convenience and value this membership program provides.

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