10 Best Malware Courses and Certifications Online

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With the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks and the need for robust cybersecurity measures, the demand for professionals skilled in malware analysis and prevention has soared. Whether you are an aspiring cybersecurity expert or an IT professional looking to enhance your skills, undertaking a malware course or certification can significantly boost your knowledge and career prospects in this field. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 malware courses and certifications available online. These courses cover everything from malware analysis and reverse engineering to incident response and malware prevention techniques. So, let’s dive in and explore the best courses and certifications that can help you become an expert in fighting against malware.

1. Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering by Cybrary

Cybrary offers an excellent online course on malware analysis and reverse engineering. This course equips learners with the skills necessary to analyze and reverse engineer different types of malware. It covers topics such as malware behavior analysis, dynamic and static analysis, and the use of various tools for dissecting malicious code. The course is self-paced, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules.

2. Certified Malware Investigator by EC-Council

The Certified Malware Investigator (CMI) certification by EC-Council is designed for professionals seeking to specialize in malware investigations. It covers a wide range of topics, including different types of malware, understanding their behavior, and strategies for detecting and eradicating malware from systems. This certification is globally recognized and helps professionals gain credibility in the field.

3. Malware Analysis Certification by Stanford University

Stanford University offers a comprehensive online course on malware analysis. This course covers various aspects of malware behavior analysis, identification, and response techniques. Learners will gain hands-on experience using tools like IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and Wireshark. The course is structured to provide learners with a practical understanding of real-world malware scenarios.

4. Advanced Malware Analysis by SANS Institute

The SANS Institute is renowned for its cybersecurity training programs, and their online course on advanced malware analysis is no exception. This course focuses on advanced malware analysis techniques, such as memory forensics, rootkit detection, and evasion techniques. It is an in-depth course that prepares professionals for complex malware scenarios commonly encountered in the field.

5. Malware Analysis and Forensics by Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech offers an online course that combines malware analysis with digital forensics. This course provides a holistic understanding of malware analysis while also covering the process of collecting and analyzing digital evidence related to malware incidents. Learners will gain practical experience in analyzing real-world malware samples and understanding their impact on computer systems.

6. Certified Malware Analyst by eLearnSecurity

eLearnSecurity’s Certified Malware Analyst (CMA) certification is focused on training individuals in identifying, analyzing, and combating malware. This certification consists of hands-on labs and practical exercises to simulate real-world scenarios. CMA equips professionals with the skills necessary to handle advanced malware analysis tasks efficiently.

7. Malware Reverse Engineering by Offensive Security

Offensive Security’s Malware Reverse Engineering course is tailored for professionals aiming to specialize in reverse engineering malware. It covers the fundamental concepts of programming languages, assembly language, and debugging techniques essential for dissecting and analyzing malware. The course provides practical knowledge to enable professionals to reverse engineer malicious code effectively.

8. Malware Incident Response by FireEye

FireEye’s online course on malware incident response is designed to train professionals in effectively responding to malware incidents. It covers various aspects of incident handling, such as detection, analysis, and eradication of malware. The course also emphasizes the importance of pre- and post-incident response measures to prevent future malware attacks.

9. Malware Prevention Techniques by Udemy

Udemy offers a comprehensive online course on malware prevention techniques. This course is designed to help individuals understand malware attack vectors, implement proactive security measures, and effectively protect computer systems from malware infections. It covers topics such as web security, email security, and network security, providing learners with a holistic approach to malware prevention.

10. Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst by Mile2

Although not solely focused on malware analysis, the Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (CCTIA) certification offered by Mile2 covers an essential aspect of malware prevention. This certification equips professionals with the skills to collect, analyze, and act upon intelligence related to cyber threats, including those involving malware. By understanding the underlying threats, professionals can effectively prevent malware infections and mitigate potential risks.


Malware attacks pose a significant threat in today’s digital landscape, making expertise in malware analysis and prevention crucial. Employers seek professionals with the knowledge and skills to combat malware effectively. Undertaking one or more of the top 10 malware courses and certifications mentioned in this article can enhance your capabilities in identifying, analyzing, and combating malware. So, evaluate your learning needs and choose the course or certification that aligns with your career goals. Gain expertise in malware analysis, reverse engineering, incident response, and prevention techniques to become highly sought after in the cybersecurity industry. Start today, and pave your path towards becoming a malware expert.