10 Best Infinite Painter Courses and Certifications Online

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Infinite Painter is a popular digital art app that allows users to create stunning artwork right on their smartphones or tablets. With its wide range of features and tools, this app has become a favorite among artists and enthusiasts alike. If you want to enhance your skills and explore the endless possibilities of Infinite Painter, enrolling in an online course or certification program can be a great option. In this article, we have compiled a list of the ten best Infinite Painter courses and certifications available online, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and aspirations.

1. Infinite Painter: From Beginner to Advanced

Unlock the full potential of Infinite Painter with this comprehensive course. Suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, this course covers everything from the basics of the app to more advanced techniques. Explore the various brush settings, layers, masking, and blending modes. By the end of this course, you’ll have acquired the skills needed to create professional-level artwork on Infinite Painter.

2. Mastering Portraits with Infinite Painter

If portraiture is your passion, this course is a must-try. Learn how to create stunning portraits using Infinite Painter’s powerful tools. Discover techniques for capturing facial features, shading, and blending skin tones. From drawing realistic eyes to perfecting hair textures, this course guides you through every step of the portrait creation process.

3. Creating Landscapes with Infinite Painter

Develop your landscape painting skills using Infinite Painter through this dedicated course. From majestic mountains to serene seascapes, learn how to create breathtaking landscapes using various techniques and tools. Discover how to create depth, capture the play of light and shadow, and master the art of depicting different natural elements. With the knowledge gained from this course, you’ll be able to create striking landscapes that evoke a sense of awe.

4. Digital Illustration with Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a versatile tool for digital illustration. This course explores the possibilities of creating vibrant and captivating illustrations using the app. From character design to comic book-style artwork, discover how to bring your imagination to life. Learn about composition, color theory, and creating dynamic visuals. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills needed to create illustrations for various purposes.

5. Infinite Painter for Graphic Design

If you’re interested in using Infinite Painter for graphic design projects, this course is tailored for you. Explore how to create visually appealing designs for branding, social media, and more. Learn about typography, layout, and creating impactful visuals. This course equips you with the skills to create stunning graphics that resonate with your audience.

6. Infinite Painter for Animation

Unleash your creativity with animation using Infinite Painter. This course dives into the exciting world of animating with the app. Learn the basics of frame-by-frame animation, creating seamless transitions, and adding special effects. From simple animations to more complex motion graphics, this course equips you with the skills to bring your artwork to life.

7. Infinite Painter: Mastering Abstract Art

Discover the realm of abstract art using Infinite Painter with this course. Learn about the principles and techniques behind abstract artwork. Explore different styles, experiment with colors, shapes, and textures, and let your imagination soar. This course empowers you to create unique and expressive abstract pieces using the app.

8. Infinite Painter for Calligraphy

Transform your digital calligraphy skills with this specialized course. Discover how to create beautiful lettering, ornate flourishes, and decorative elements using Infinite Painter. Learn about different brush styles, pressure sensitivity, and creating unique compositions. By the end of this course, your calligraphy skills will be elevated to new heights.

9. Infinite Painter: Exploring Mixed Media

Expand your artistic horizons by blending traditional and digital techniques with this course on mixed media. Learn how to combine different mediums, such as watercolors, pastels, and ink, with Infinite Painter’s digital tools. Discover how to create textures, layer different mediums, and achieve a harmonious balance. This course offers a unique opportunity to create artwork that seamlessly fuses traditional and digital elements.

10. Infinite Painter Certification Program

For those seeking recognition for their Infinite Painter skills, enrolling in the certification program is the ideal choice. This program tests your proficiency in using the app’s features and tools. With a comprehensive exam and a portfolio review, earning the Infinite Painter certification showcases your expertise and dedication to digital art. Certification holders gain credibility and may even find opportunities for professional growth in the industry.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop fundamental skills or an advanced artist aiming to take your artwork to the next level, the world of Infinite Painter courses and certifications holds tremendous potential. With a wide variety of options available, you can find the perfect course to suit your interests and aspirations. Embrace the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors, unlock the full potential of Infinite Painter, and unleash your creativity like never before. Start your artistic journey today!