10 Best Airbnb Hosting Courses and Certifications Online

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The world of vacation rentals has exploded in recent years, with travelers increasingly turning to platforms like Airbnb for unique and affordable accommodations. For homeowners, hosting on Airbnb has become an attractive way to earn extra income and utilize their spare space. However, successfully hosting on Airbnb requires more than just offering a place to stay. From understanding the market to mastering the art of guest communication, there is a lot to learn. That’s where Airbnb hosting courses and certifications can be incredibly valuable. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Airbnb hosting courses and certifications available online that can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful Airbnb host.

1. Airbnb Host Academy

Airbnb Host Academy is a comprehensive online training program designed to help hosts optimize their listings and maximize their earnings. Created by Airbnb, the course covers a wide range of topics including setting expectations, creating a top-notch listing, improving communication with guests, and handling common challenges. The course consists of video tutorials, quizzes, and practical exercises, allowing hosts to learn at their own pace.

2. The Hosting Journey

Run by an experienced Airbnb Superhost, The Hosting Journey offers an 8-week online course that guides hosts through every step of the hosting process. From setting up the listing and pricing strategy to dealing with difficult guests and managing the administrative side of hosting, this course covers it all. With a combination of video lessons, live Q&A sessions, and support from fellow hosts, The Hosting Journey provides a supportive community for learning and growth.

3. LearnAirbnb

LearnAirbnb offers a variety of courses and resources for both new and experienced Airbnb hosts. Their flagship course, “The Airbnb Course for Hosts,” covers all the essentials of hosting, including creating a standout listing, pricing strategies, guest communication, and effective marketing techniques. With practical tips and real-world examples, LearnAirbnb empowers hosts to succeed in the competitive Airbnb marketplace.

4. STR Profit Academy

STR Profit Academy is a comprehensive training program specifically designed for hosts who want to maximize their profits from short-term rentals like Airbnb. The course covers various aspects of hosting, from property selection and preparation to pricing strategies and marketing techniques. STR Profit Academy also delves into the financial side of hosting, teaching hosts how to analyze their data and make informed decisions that boost their bottom line.

5. HostingYourHome

HostingYourHome offers an online course that focuses on helping hosts excel in guest communication. As any experienced host knows, effective communication is key to providing a positive guest experience and securing positive reviews. HostingYourHome’s course covers best practices for pre-booking communication, smooth check-in/out processes, and handling guest inquiries and issues with professionalism and efficiency.

6. Hosting Heroes

Hosting Heroes is a platform that provides a variety of hosting courses, including their popular “The Airbnb Kickstart” program. This course aims to teach hosts how to effortlessly create a profitable Airbnb business and attract five-star reviews. The program covers topics like listing optimization, branding, pricing strategies, and mastering the art of upselling to increase revenue. Hosting Heroes also offers ongoing support and mentorship to help hosts achieve their hosting goals.

7. Superhost Academy

Superhost Academy, created by a highly successful Airbnb Superhost, is a comprehensive course that covers everything from preparing a property for listing to providing exceptional guest experiences. With step-by-step video tutorials, Superhost Academy walks hosts through the entire hosting process, sharing insider tips and strategies to help them stand out and achieve Superhost status. The course also delves into marketing and attracting high-value guests.

8. Udemy: How to Become an Airbnb Host

Udemy, a popular online learning platform, offers an informative course titled “How to Become an Airbnb Host.” In this course, hosts will discover the fundamentals of becoming successful Airbnb hosts. Topics covered include setting up a listing, pricing strategies, managing guest inquiries, and maintaining top-notch cleanliness standards. The course also provides valuable insights into the legal and financial aspects of hosting.

9. Airbnb Secrets by Danny Rusteen

Airbnb Secrets is an online video course created by Danny Rusteen, an experienced Airbnb host and author of the book “The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook.” This course focuses on teaching hosts advanced strategies and tactics to increase visibility, bookings, and profits. With modules on photography, search engine optimization, and pricing algorithms, Airbnb Secrets provides hosts with insider knowledge to gain a competitive edge.

10. STRU: Airbnb Hosting Mastery Summit

STRU, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to hosting tips and strategies, offers the Airbnb Hosting Mastery Summit, a virtual summit that gathers leading experts in the vacation rental industry. This summit covers a wide range of hosting topics, including creating compelling listings, maximizing bookings, handling guest reviews, and scaling a hosting business. With access to recordings from industry experts, participants can learn from the top voices in the field.


Becoming a successful Airbnb host requires more than just listing your space on the platform. It requires understanding the market, implementing effective strategies, and providing exceptional guest experiences. By enrolling in Airbnb hosting courses and certifications, hosts can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the vacation rental industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing hosting business, these 10 best Airbnb hosting courses and certifications provide invaluable resources to elevate your hosting game and maximize your financial success. Happy hosting!